Learn English with Brends the natural way!

Professional online English Teacher | Native Speaker | From South Africa | Living in South Africa


I love being a professional online English teacher. I’m responsible for teaching beginner, intermediate and advanced ESL learners. Seeing my students become confident English speakers is very gratifying.

I have been teaching English online for 4 years and every year I learn more. I’m grateful to all the people that I have met while teaching English online. It is a humbling experience.


The fastest and most natural way to learn English is to live it and to be immersed in it! We love teaching and learning both online and offline. We are never too old to learn! South Africa is an amazing country and we would like to show you our little piece of Africa.

We have been very privileged to host some of my students. We love hearing about your life and sharing ours. We are looking forward to hosting you!


Brenda is the best English teacher I ever had (and I had a lot of them). Patiently accompanied by her, and thanks to her great pedagogy, I was able to reach my goal : feeling at ease in any kind of English conversations. Her way of teaching is precise, lively and well structured. As a psychotherapist graduated from University, I can assert that Brenda has an inner sense of psychology and human relationship. So she perfectly knows how to attune herself to her student. I do recommend her to everyone who really needs to improve his/her English

Bernard from France

Thank you for your perfect teaching skills and helpful attitude. We had so many lessons together and I am lucky to have you as my teacher and as my friend.

Lydie from The Czech Republic

I learned a lot of new words in this lesson, and I like doing your exercises! See you next week 🙂

Daniela from Austria

Very engaging class! I spent all the time in order to explain the political situation in Italy to Brends, but Brends …. :))))

Graziano from Italy

Brends helped me a lot to improve an important speech.

Max from Italy

I will create a safe authentic space for you to learn English with a professional online English speaking teacher.