Take the road to Sunny South Africa and the short road to English fluency

Course on offer

We offer a boutique immersion homestay experience to anybody who wants to learn English in a natural way. We are native English speakers and we love sharing knowledge and learning new things. Live with us in our home and enjoy great English conversations while taking part in our everyday lives. Your 10 days with us will be an English learning experience from the moment we meet you at the airport. (The airport is a 5 minute drive from our home which overlooks the beach.)

We come from different parts of South Africa which makes us interesting. We have slightly different accents. Our roots are English and I can trace my family history back to 1820, when the first English Settlers from Britain sailed into Algoa Bay, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. (https://www.1820settlers.com/genealogy/getperson.php?personID=I113861&tree=master) South Africa is a diverse country and you will hear lots of different accents and languages. Our official business and communication language is English. We speak British English. South Africa has 11 official languages.

Active Learning

As part of your learning experience each activity will include a lesson. Booking a restaurant table, writing a review or making a purchase. In English of course! This will help you to build your confidence. If you are feeling shy please don’t worry. We will guide you and support you. It will be fun. I am a qualified TEFL teacher and I currently teach English to English Second Language learners online. www.italki.com/brends

Be locals and stay with us in the seaside city of Port Elizabeth.